Cut time spent on the Research Phase of your projects. 

 Get rid of your Knowledge Transfer bottlenecks. 

Mark 🖍
your office's AI-manager
for design assets.

Work with thousands of images and texts published on


OMA demo v.2401


Julius Von Bismarck     •     Jan de Vylder's Universum Carrousel Journey     •     ETHZ's Studio Meteora     •     UIBK's Studio 0More          

+ Search and Recommendation Engines to find and explore past work relevant to new projects.

+ Collaborative Boards for teamwork and organization that make it easy to brainstorm and track projects in real time.

+ Google Search Integration to provide seamless access to the abundance of information available on the web.

+ Confidential Search allows designated teams to work on specific projects, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and accessible.

+ Supported formats include pdf, html, jpg, png, tiff, txt, csv, json, mp4, mov, mkv, dxf, dwg, rvt, and blend.

1. Mark carefully looks at your digital archives and learns from their organization.

2. Your assets are indexed and modeled with AI/ML algorithms for faster searches and more creative workflows.

3. A personalized web interface with all key features is available to your office, exclusively.

+ Your assets remain private at all times.